Change wallpapers and themes on the go on *nix based operating systems

QuickWall was initialy launched as a wallpaper app that would set wallpapers directly from the commandline. Later due to a lot of requests from users , a theme option was added which uses pywal to generate themes from the wallpapers. It currently supports a wide range of wallpaper setters like nitrogen and DE's like KDE.


Since the app is written in Python and it has a lot of Python dependencies, it is adviced to install it from PyPi.

Arch Linux users are in for a treat, it is available in AUR, go grab it.

It is available in PyPi in the name QuickWall. Use the following command to install it.

pip install QuickWall

NOTE: If you are using a WM like i3-gaps, make sure you have one of the supported wallpaper setters installed.

Manual Installation

Clone the repo using git.

git clone https://github.com/deepjyoti30/QuickWall

Move to the directory and install it.

cd QuickWall && python setup.py install

It should be installed now, have fun using it.

Done Installing?

Made with by Deepjyoti Barman